EUATC partner support research on subtitling decision-making

The EUATC's strategic partners in Australasia is supporting a study into subtitling decision-making.

The AALC, one of the EUATC’s strategic partners, is supporting a study, which aims to research influences on decision-making in inter-lingual subtitling of film.

The survey is investigating professional subtitlers’ opinions on a new method for seeking briefing.

Questions proposed are :

  1. Professional subtitlers, are you satisfied with the briefing materials and information you receive before a job?
  2. Would more information be helpful?
  3. The research is investigating the feasibility of a new approach to communication between subtitlers and their clients during the pre-translation stage.

Participation in this research study, which is being conducted by Hugh Nettelbeck, a PhD student at Melbourne’s Monash University under the supervision of Shani Tobias and Tessa Dwyer. is being restricted to those who have completed paid subtitling work. All responses will be anonymous.

To take part in the study, which will take between 15 – 20 minutes to complete, click HERE.