EUATC Network member joins US-based group

In a move designed to expand services and markets, EUATC Network member EnglishBusiness has joined The Language Group of Companies.

Founded in Hamburg in 1996, EnglishBusiness is one of Germany’s leading providers of translation, communication training, and cultural consulting services. As a new member of The Language Group of Companies, EnglishBusiness is poised to significantly expand business in Germany and beyond.

“We are excited and extremely pleased to be part of The Language Group of Companies,” said Nina Zolezzi, Managing Director of EnglishBusiness, pictured left.

“Our mission to help clients succeed globally is greatly enhanced through more available languages and spoken interpretation services – by phone, video, and in person.”

“The addition of EnglishBusiness to The Language Group of Companies is a natural fit,” said Giovanni Donatelli, pictured right, founder and Managing Partner of The Language Group.

“It enables expansion into Europe and offers clients the availability of cultural and business consulting services that are so crucial to international success.”