EUATC Network member achieves double ISO certification

Translavic, an EUATC Network Member belonging to Vereniging van Vertaalbureaus in Nederland (VViN), has been celebrating achieving certification against two ISO standards.

Translavic, based in Rijssen in the The Netherlands, has been certified ISO 17100 since 2015, successfully underwent its annual audit, but also sailed through an independent audit of compliance with ISO 18587: 2017, the international standard for post-editing of machine translation.

The certification is in line with Translavic’s ambition to play an active role in the professionalisation of the machine translation and post-editing services.

Managing director Jeroen Hesp, pictured said: “There are many misunderstandings and prejudices about machine translation. Machine translation engines don’t always produce ‘junk’ anymore. And it is not always the best, fastest and cheapest solution. But it can certainly be a suitable option.

“Our company puts a great deal of energy into training of post-editors, which is an important aspect of the ISO 18587 standard.”

Translavic recently announced the launch of its first online course enabling translators and linguists to train themselves in post-editing and learn what they need to know about the different forms of machine translation and the pitfalls involved in detecting the typical errors that MT systems make. 

Hesp continued: “By offering an e-learning course we want to help translators keep up with technological developments in the translation process and respond to changing market needs. The translation industry suffers from a lack of trained post-editors. By providing translators with good post-editing skills, we hope to contribute to a stronger language sector”.