COVID quotes of last month

While the COVID-19 crisis has brought great uncertainty to the language industry, one positive feature to emerge has been the coming together of all parts of the sector.

Heike Leinhäuser, President of the EUATC, speaking about the collaboration leading to the publication of 2020 European Language Industry Survey pre and post COVID-19:

“The crisis has served to demonstrate the inter-dependence of the entire language industry eco-system. The ethos of collaboration has been clearly demonstrated with the partnership between the EUATC, FIT Europe, GALA, Elia and the European Commission (Directorate General Translation), the Language Industry Platform (LIND) and the European Masters in Translation (EMT), to produce the dataset presented at the recent webinar.

“The analysis helps all sides of the industry understand each other better, as well as providing a solid foundation for the strategic decisions that will need to be made once the crisis is over.”

Annette Schiller, Chair FIT Europe commenting after the webinar organised jointly by EUATC, FIT Europe and the European Commission during which she and FIT Europe board member John O’Shea provided expert commentary as panellists: