Calling Kazakhstan this is your EUATC partner

EUATC's strategic partner in Kazakhstan, the Association of Translators, Interpreters, and Translation Companies (APTITC) held its first translation school last month to examine latest trends and consider how COVID has impacted the language industry community. As part of the day EUATC Vice-President Miklos Ban was invited to address the virtual meeting.

Speaking about the meeting APTITC President Gulshan Aliyeva Tufek said: “We value highly our partnership with the EUATC and the collective experience it offers our members. Many of them are new so it seemed appropriate to invite Miklós Bán to brief them and remind longer-standing members about the work undertaken by the EUATC.

“They were particularly interested in hearing about how COVID had impacted the sector in Europe and are now looking forward to learning about the results of the latest European Language Industry Survey, which Miklos Ban said would be unveiled during his association’s annual conference, T-Update ’21 Virtual in April.”

Miklos Ban said: “I was honoured to have been invited to speak to the attendees and pleased to learn that, not only were the participants from Kazakhstan, many of those attending had been drawn from nearly all nearby CIS countries such as Bulgaria and Turkey too. There is a thirst to do business with LSPs in Europe and I am sure that the partnership between APTITC and the EUATC can do much to facilitate that.”

Concluding Gulshan Aliyeva Tufek commented: “The standing of our association has definitely grown both in our country and globally as a result of being one of the EUATC’s strategic partners.”