Belgian association meets to reaffirm strategic objectives

The board of the Belgian Quality Translation Association (BQTA) recently held its first face-to-face board meeting since the pandemic.

For the EUATC’s Belgian member it was the first opportunity since the lockdown for the new board to meet in person and, according to BQTA President, Dimitri Stoquart, it was an appropriate moment to step back and reassess the purpose of the association.

The result was the publication of an association overview, which states:

We are a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1995 with the aim of:

  • promoting and organising networking between translation companies, always in compliance with a strict professional code of ethics
  • enhancing awareness and recognition of the language services industry as a whole and the added value offered by translation companies in particular
  • standardising specific business practices in order to increase transparency for language service consumers
  • representing its members in their dealings with Belgian public authorities in all areas related to language services
  • playing an active part in international debate on the subject of language services
  • exposing unfair competition in the language services industry and in the translation industry in particular
  • promoting and defending the interests of the Belgian translation industry and taking action against any plans which might be detrimental to them

In addition to our organisation’s formally declared goals, as set out above, we are committed to increasing inclusiveness and plan to reach out to peer companies so as to increase our membership. This, in turn, would enable us to expand our forum through which we promote the exchange of ideas and best practices amongst peers, rather than competition in the small Belgian market. While this may seem idealistic, it does work in practice.

We also seek to raise awareness of the gap between academia and the industry through liaison with various universities. We are, therefore, looking to develop an internship programme to promote placements in Belgian translation companies. This will provide valuable work experience for future graduates and give them a better insight into the various careers open to them in our industry.

Every year, in spring, we organise a major event – our Job Fair. It brings a wide range of industry players together with students and recent graduates who are looking to enter the industry. The event provides networking opportunities for students, jobseekers and employers, and has become a platform for companies to share their vacancies.


Left to right top row: Jean-Michel Douret, Tradas, BQTA Vice-chair, Dimitri Stoquart (Stoquart, BQTA Chair), Isabelle Hardeman, Akira Translations, Stefan Vanluyten, Atrado.

Left to right bottom row: Jacques Permentiers, Belga Translations, BQTA Secretary, Ruben Lancksweerdt, Wilkens, Geert Vanderhaeghe, Lexitech.