Industry guru is on a mission to boost sales of language services

One of the language industry's most respected marketing and sales gurus, Jessica Rathke, is on a mission to highlight a major barrier to securing more sales.

“Despite our industry’s relatively high cultural sophistication, my research has shown that our cultural expectations and value systems can cause anything from misunderstandings to serious communication problems,” says Jessica Rathke, who will be leading a webinar for the EUATC on Wednesday, 23rd June, looking at how to avoid cultural blind spots and, by doing so, increase sales of language services.

According to Jessica her presentation investigates three of Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions and how these are at play in many of the language industry’s interactions, including her own.

Commenting Jessica Rathe says: “Webinar attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of cultural drivers and learn adjustments they can make to be more effective in managing cross-border teams; dealing with international customers, suppliers and vendors to positively impact your bottom line.”

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