Austrian association creates model tenancy contracts for fleeing Ukrainian refugees

With thousands of escaping Ukrainian refugees entering Austria, the EUATC's Austrian member has created German-Ukrainian and German-Russian versions of model short-term tenancies contracts.

With increasing numbers of people fleeing the Ukrainian war and seeking safety in Austria, the EUATC’s Austrian member, the Austrian Association of Translation Companies (AATC) has responded to the huge number of Austrian citizens offering to accommodate refugees in private flats or rooms.

Commenting, AATC’s Hermann Covi (pictured) said: “It is unsurprising for Austrians have shown such generosity by offering places of safety for fleeing refugees, however, this also calls for appropriate rental agreements.

“In order to facilitate the process, the AATC has joined force wth experts from the Tyrolean Economic Chamber, is providing German-Ukrainian and German-Russian versions of model contracts for short-term tenancies that can be terminated at any time.”

The model contract can be downloaded from the AATC website free-of-charge. The Association and Chamber have also created a second shorter sample agreement.