Attracting the next generation of Czech language professionals

The quest for new language industry professionals starts early in the Czech Republic.

Leading the charge to enthuse secondary students studying at South Bohemia’s Gymnázium Vítězslava Nováka in Jindřichův Hradec was Radka Vegrichtova, President of the EUATC’s Czech member, ACTA, Pavlína Nořinská from EUATC Network member ACP Traductera and Zuzana Balounová from Charles University.

Commenting, ACTA President Radka Vegrichtova (pictured left) said:

“The students are studying in their last grade before deciding on a university course. The ACTA and Institute of Translation Studies of the Charles University were only too pleased to accept an invitation to give a presentation about the translation profession and the longterm opportunities the sector offers.

“Choosing the right university course needs to be taken carefully and, judging by the many questions we received, some had not considered a career in the language industry before.”

Pavlína Nořin (pictured right) said:

“I was keen to share what it was like to work in a language service company environment and I sensed that some could now be giving the sector serious consideration.”

Jindrichuv Hradec is where EUATC Network members ACP Traductera is located.