Another partnership agreement for the EUATC – this time with AALC

The EUATC has agreed another partnership agreement with a language industry umbrella group.

The latest is with the Australasian Association of Language Companies (AALC) and is the ninth the EUATC has forged with a language industry group outside Europe.  Talking about the agreement, Heike Leinhäuser, President of the EUATC said: “This latest agreement is in line with our strategy of extending our reach beyond our European home territory. I really look forward to collaborating with AALC in the future.”

Tea Dietterich, AALC President said: “It is good to be able to form partnerships with well-established associations such as the EUATC and, similarly, this is in line with our own ethos of reaching out to like-minded organisations operating in the language industry space.”

Other partnership agreements that the EUATC has put in place are with: Women In Localization (W.L.); the Association of Language Companies (ALC); the Association of Professional Translators, Interpreters and Translation Companies of Kazakhstan (APTITC); Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP); Asociación Argentina de Servicios Lingüísticos (AASL); Association de l’Industrie de la Langue (AILIA); Translated In Argentina (TiNA) and the Confederation of Interpreting, Translation and Localisation Businesses (CITLoB).