A new partnership is pure BLISS for EUATC

The EUATC has signed a new partnership agreement with the Brazilian Language Industry Association (BLISS) - the world's newest association representing the interests of language service companies.

The partnership agreement is the eleventh that EUATC has struck and is in line with one of the board’s key strategic objectives to forge links with other umbrella groups across the globe.

Speaking about the latest agreement Heike Leinhäuser, President of the EUATC said: “In a fast changing language industry environment it is imperative that regional groupings such as our own look to collaborate with other like-minded organisations around the world.

“Brazil is a huge economy and it has long needed an association to represent the interests of language service providers and we congratulate the founding companies and are thrilled to have been able to link up with BLISS. We very much look forward to sharing information and supporting each other’s work in promoting the interests of the language industry’s company sector.”

Célia Korn, President of BLISS, said: ““As a newly formed association, BLISS – the Brazilian Language Industry Association – is honoured to partner with EUATC for mutual cooperation.”

The world’s newest language company kicks off with eight founding members and is aiming to attract many others.

Concluding Célia Korn, who is CEO of Korn Traduções, said: “Our goal is to promote our industry both across the nation and worldwide, and strengthen our Brazilian market representation.”