ELIS results webinar will be a Translating Europe Workshop

EUATC Network member Stoquart acquires Version Internationale

Want to take your language business to the next level?

Presenters and commentators for ELIS results webinar unveiled

Language Services in Ukraine: business is the best support

The new leader of Women in Localization signs up for ELIS

2023 European Language Industry Survey is launched

Stand by for ELIS 2023

PM training course launched by ATC and Elia

A new team to lead QSD

EUATC December webinar: Taking the guesswork out of business planning

New by-laws introduced by French association

Austrian association’s Fleischmann joins Elia steering committee

Belgian association meets to reaffirm strategic objectives

Vamos – we’re flying down to Rio!

EUATC Network member joins US-based group

EUATC Network member appoints champions

Spanish agreement to conduct language industry market study

Slovakian charity supported by Meet Central Europe

The Finns fly back into conference mode

Meet Central Europe offers chance to win stay in luxury Bali hideaway

EUATC’s Polish and Romanian members join forces for EC post editing workshop

EUATC Network Member wins top UK language industry award

EU post-editing study validates ELIS findings

More than 60 papers accepted for AMTA conference

EUATC’s strategic partner in India elects new President

Last chance for CITLoB early bird discount

Webinar to focus on successful hiring and training of sales people and account managers

ELIS follow-up study prompts debate about how to make the industry a more attractive career option

EUATC signs partnership with Juntos

Trading through a climate of rising inflation and threatening clouds of recession – developing an effective playbook

There is a new man at the head of the Belgian LSC association

Telling it as it is in Ukraine

Supporting universities to keep pace with industry trends

Setting our preferences: How to find term results from the right context in EU translation?

Sign-up for the results of the ELIS follow-up survey

ELIS to conduct first quarter follow-up study

EUATC Youth Ambassador gets listing in encyclopaedia

EUATC Network member wins Queen’s Award

TEW GDPR report sheds light on grey areas

Full ELIS 2022 report available to download

Austrian association creates model tenancy contracts for fleeing Ukrainian refugees

Meet Central Europe returns to an in-person event

EUATC and Elia join forces for Ukraine Appeal

Attracting the next generation of Czech language professionals

GDPR unravelled in Translating Europe Workshop

Keeping calm and carrying on Kyiv style

EUATC member creates immigration templates

Translating Europe Workshop: ELIS 2022 results and analysis – presenters and panellists

The EUATC reacts to the crisis in Ukraine

GDPR Translating Europe Workshop announced

Pre-register for the Translating Europe ELIS 2022 results and analysis workshop

Introducing Monsieur Le President

EUATC webinar back catalogue library launched

ELIS EARLY TRENDS: LSCs want to go for growth but not at any cost

ELIS EARLY TRENDS: LSCs report difficulties recruiting freelance talent

MT hype or fact – ELIS 2022 early trends emerging

European Language Industry Survey website launched

GoAP helps create localization project management certificate programme

WHITE PAPER: Complying with the quality requirements of EU institutional translation

WHITE PAPER: A new sales model to grow your US language market share

New President for EUATC’s Turkish member

ELIS study speaks your language

ELIS 2022: Que Sera, Sera

All on board again for ELIS 2022

European Language Industry Survey to be localized

EUATC board elected

Language industry leaders’ contact group formed

Global leader brought in to strengthen EUATC Network member board

Get ready for the new European Language Industry Survey

A familiar face returns to lead Estonian association

Croatians elect new president

EUATC turns to language industry leadership guru

UK Language Service Industry in 2021 report is published

Call for papers issued by GALA

MCE to return to Mars

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services guidance on the way

Translating Europe Workshop to develop GDPR guidelines for the language industry

Mars – the perfect setting for lunch and evening drinks

Global expert to unravel the mysteries and bust myths about modern Machine Translation

A new partnership is pure BLISS for EUATC

How can you help when a language skill can get you murdered?

European Commission sets its sights on Mars as it backs Meet Central Europe

Promoting the benefits of translation to businesses

GDPR update on transfers outside the EU announced

The ALC 2021 industry survey is open!

Might as well be on Mars!

Amnesty International: interpreters play vital role protecting human rights

Want to save money? Hire a Vendor Manager!

Meet Central Europe: Three spotlight countries in one conference

EUATC webinar to feature how an LSP achieved accreditation to three ISO standards

MT Summit is back!

Translation internship – the first step in a translator’s career

ATC Certification becomes AALC’s preferred ISO certification provider

How the UN’s interpreter team has dealt with the pandemic

Industry guru is on a mission to boost sales of language services

T-Update presentation recordings available from Knowledge Centre

Full slide deck for European language industry survey available

EUATC to be at European language industry top table