Spanish agreement to conduct language industry market study

The two language company associations in Spain have struck an historic agreement to conduct an industry study.

The EUATC’s  Spanish member, the Asociación Sectorial de Proveedores de Servicios de Traducción (ASPROSET) and the Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Traducción y Interpretación (ANETI) have agreed to jointly fund the project, which is to be conducted on their behalves by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Dr Juan Jose Arevalillo, President of ASPROSET and the EUATC’s Youth Ambassador, pictured left said:

“We have invited all the professional associations in Spain to cooperate in this survey, and have approached Tremédica,  the Spanish International Association of Medical Translators and Writers and Related Sciences and Asociación de Intérpretes de Conferencia de España (AICE).

“Both LSC associations hope that those and other professional associations will join once the activities have started.”

Insiders expect that the research will be published in the Spring of 2023.