MT hype or fact – ELIS 2022 early trends emerging

Although the annual European Language Industry Survey (ELIS) has another ten days to run, there are some interesting trends emerging from the early results - particularly on the use of Machine Translation.

Despite the hype, the first trends show that on average LSCs are reporting that around just 20% of the projects are handled using MT – far lower than some of the MT technology providers would have us believe. An even lower uptake is being reported by language departments, while for the freelance community, so far, just 35% say that they use MT and, of that number, only 22% are reporting that they use the technology on regularly (around 13% on a daily basis).

These figures are very much preliminary and may change by the time that the ELIS portal closes at midnight CET on Monday, 31st January. To take part in the study. Just click HERE