Jun 08

2016 European Language Industry Survey Report

The results of the 2016 European Language Industry Survey are now available

The full audience of the Budapest T-Update conference waited patiently for the closing speakers to present the results of the 2016 European Language Industry Survey. Formerly known as the annual EUATC survey, the initiative is now shared with the other international associations Elia and GALA, and received the support of the European Commission's Directorate-General of Translation through its LIND project and the European Master's of Translation network. This collaboration broadens the scope and coverage of the survey, and increases the value of its results.

Some highlights: the 2016 results show a return to realism after a short burst of strong optimism in 2015, but the overall sentiment about market and individual company develpment. Small companies are catching up with the larger ones in terms of national and international expansion and technology usage, but continue to lag behind in certification matters. And while many continue to express concerns regarding competition and price pressure, others notice positive trends that are mainly coming from technology, cooperation and an increased quality awareness of translation buyers.

Download the attachment below to read the report.