European language industry optimism to lead to more jobs

Early analysis of the 2020 Language Industry Survey indicates that more jobs are likely to be created in the coming twelve months.

The annual survey, which acts as a litmus test for the European language sector, has already revealed that the industry is optimistic about its future trading prospects with more than 60 per cent indicating that it anticipates growth over the next year.

Further analysis of the preliminary results shows that sector growth will also result in new employment opportunities. More than 50 per cent responding to the survey have said that the growth will give rise to more job creation over the coming year.

The annual survey is a joint study undertaken in collaboration with Elia, EMT, FIT Europe, GALA and LIND. The full results will be presented at the EUATC’s extended General Meeting taking place in Porto on 16th April and published simultaneously on the websites of the partners.