Coming soon – Spanish language industry market study

Spain's leading language industry representative groups have come together to conduct a comprehensive study of the market.

The EUATC’s Spanish member  ASPROSET has joined forces with ANETI, the other Spanish language services association, the Spanish association of legal translators, APTIJ and AICE, the Spanish association of conference interpreters to commission the study.

The research is being conducted at arm’s length by Complutense University of Madrid’s  (UCM) Department of Applied Communication Sciences.

The first phase of the work has been to generate around 350 responses, which, according the University of Madrid’s researchers, will provide statistically reliable result.

Speaking about the progress of the research project Juan José Arevalillo, president of ASPROSET and the EUATC’s Youth Ambassador (pictured right) said:

“The qualitative phase of the survey will conclude shortly and we expect that preliminary data will be available in June. The final report will be available, free-of-charge after summer holidays.

Juan José Arevalillo“The Spanish industry has suffered from a lack of reliable data on the sector for  companies, freelancers and customers. In fact, no definitive studies of the language industry had been conducted since 2014 reports. The first was conducted a decade earlier. Obviously both were completely obsolete.

“This collaborative initiative between ASPROSET,  ANETI and other significant representative umbrella groups will ensure that we will have the most up-to-date data possible. I am sure that the data and analysis will quickly become the key benchmark for the industry and will support strategic decision-making across a wide range of vital areas.”