2020 European Language Industry Survey launched

The 8th edition of the annual Language Industry Survey has been launched.

Rudy Tirry, the EUATC board member who leads on the annual survey said: “The latest edition contains different sections targeting various categories of respondents – translation companies, individual freelance translators, university teachers and so on. Each respondent will be guided to the appropriate subset of questions. This new approach allows us to better address the information needs of each segment, while keeping the length of the survey limited to what it has been in the past.

“As before, the objective of this survey is to probe the state of the language industry by gathering trends and expectations, but also practices, concerns and opinions that can help explain or even predict current and future developments.

“The opinions expressed in the survey will help language industry practitioners to understand whether 2019 has confirmed or contradicted earlier expectations and what is on our industry’s mind for 2020 and beyond,” concluded Tirry.

The survey will remain open until Saturday February 22nd.  As in past years, the results will be made available towards the end March on the websites of the participating organisations* and will be presented at various national and international language industry events, including our own T-Update networking event in Porto on 16th April.

Click on HERE to participate.

*The other participants in the 2020 Language Industry Survey are: Elia, EMT, FIT Europe, GALA and LIND