Industry Surveys

Industry Surveys

May 13

2019 Language Industry Survey report

With 1404 responses from 55 countries, including many outside Europe, this 2019 edition of the European Language Industry survey is the most successful one since its start in 2013. This report analyses European trends rather than those in individual countries. Significant differences between countries will be highlighted only if the number of answers from those countries is sufficiently high to draw meaningful conclusions. DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE
Apr 20


The 2018 study of the European language industry conducted jointly by the EUATC, Elia, FIT Europe, GALA and LINDWeb shows a continuing confidence in future trading prospects following last year's study.
Jan 26

The 2016 Language Industry Survey

EUATC, Elia, GALA, EMT and Lind work together to identify trends, expectations and challenges in the European translation industry).
Oct 23

First UK LSP Ranking and Benchmarking research study

The Association of Translation Companies has commissioned the first LSP Ranking and Benchmarking research.