Industry Surveys

The language industry is rapidly catching up with other more traditional industries in terms of statistics and market information. In particular at national level, translator and translation company associations are regularly conducting surveys and market studies. The American market research company Common Sense Advisory ( is even completely focused on our industry and publishes both free and paid survey results on a variety of subjects related to translation and the language industry in general. With its annual survey Expectations and Concerns of European Translation Companies, EUATC actively contributes to a better understanding of the needs and status of our industry.

Jan 26

The 2016 Language Industry Survey

EUATC, Elia, GALA, EMT and Lind work together to identify trends, expectations and challenges in the European translation industry).
Oct 23

First UK LSP Ranking and Benchmarking research study

The Association of Translation Companies has commissioned the first LSP Ranking and Benchmarking research.
Oct 21

CNET (Chambre Nationale des Entreprises de Traduction) published the results of its national Observatoire

This French survey, which was first conducted in 2006-2007, is consistently answered by some 50 translation companies. This year, it clearly shows the complexity of the French market, with maturing translation companies and growing professionalism, but also with a clear distinction between the capital and the rest of the country. The results are freely available (in French) on CNET's website.
Sep 21

ATC (Association of Translation Companies) launches UK Language Market Research 2015

UK-headquartered translation companies are currently invited to participate in the 2015 UK Language Market Research conducted on behalf of the British association of translation companies ATC. The survey closes on September 10th. The results will be presented at the ATC conference in Manchester on 24/25 September.