Trading through a climate of rising inflation and threatening clouds of recession – developing an effective playbook

June 29, 2022 -
  June 29, 2022




Just when you thought it was safe to come out from under the duvet and the enforced isolation of the pandemic, a war kicks off. The knock-on effect has been rising inflation and the ominous threat of a recession throwing a spanner in the works of every LSC’s business plans.

Charles Campbell, President of Translation Back Office, a certified multilingual translation company with offices in Argentina, Peru, Ukraine, Vietnam and the US, knows a thing or two about navigating his way through difficult terrain and yet keeping his company on track and driving it forward.

In this webinar he will examine strategies the language industry could be looking at to ride the storm.

Originally from New Zealand, Charles is married with three children and is a long time resident of Cordoba (Argentina).

Charles has been an active board member of the Asociacion Argentina de Servicios Linguisticos for several years and is now closely involved in the formation of Juntos, the Association of Language Services of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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