Tech Round Table ATC & Partners

November 23, 2021 -
  November 23, 2021




Tuesday 23 November 2021 at 1-3 pm GMT

Accelerating use of technology

For many language service companies, the Covid pandemic exposed blindspots, but also fuelled innovation, accelerated the use of technology, and created new opportunities.

In the 21st century language services world, ‘tech’ infiltrates every aspect of what we do, from project or translation management, degrees of automation for the linguistic task itself to chatbots for customer service and clients managing their own workflows.

What are YOUR tech challenges?

How do you see the language services tech landscape developing in 2022? What are YOUR tech pain points and challenges?

We are throwing the floor wide open for a collaborative Round Table discussion on tech challenges. Bring yours along, and join us at the ATC’s Tech Round Table on 23 November 2021!

Gaze into the future. Share your thoughts, insights, and pains. Speak to peers in the same boat.

Grill the ATC’s Technology Partners RWS Trados, LBS Suite and lingo systems, and find out how their solutions can help resolve your challenges.

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