Solution and Value Selling

March 22, 2024 -
  March 22, 2024




Selling is crucial in every business. If you want to exist and grow, you have to sell.

Yet, in our industry, sales isn’t always among the skillset of former linguists who established a translation company or made it to the C-level.

Great quality and good price are not differentiators that alone can win new clients. Nobody promotes poor quality and there is always someone who offers better rates.

Solution and Value Selling sets the basis to how a company communicates its offer and how it differentiates from competitors. It becomes a key element in winning clients, while maintaining price integrity and high service level. Its rules need to be understood and promoted by company owners and managers to effectively engage the whole team (especially Sales team and Operations team) and align them with a well thought and structured way of approaching clients and promoting company offer.

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