Modern Machine Translation: the science, practice, myths, reality, implementation and use – an objective overview

October 21, 2021 -
  October 21, 2021




Technology is changing the world and, at the same time, constantly evolving. This webinar will explore the current state of machine translation technology and take a look at the latest news at the intersection of technology and the translation and localization industry. It will also offer guidance to translation service providers, while dispelling the most common myths and share knowledge that can only be gained by looking into the subject in elaborate detail.

This webinar is aimed at all members of the translation industry, whether they are independent language professionals or work in language service companies.


Serge Gladkoff graduated with Honours from an ivy league nuclear science college and, for more than twenty-seven years, has been engaged in the localization industry as localization manager and latterly as co-founder and President of and LSP, Logrus Global – a boutique language service and technology firm. He leads his company’s the AI/ML research team. He served three times on the GALA Board, is the technical contact for new ASTM standard and is the US’s ANSI expert ISO representative. Logrus Global has recently released free hLEPOR automatic metrics on and Paralela AI-based aligner product.

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