IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! How sound finance management helps LSCs in uncertain times

April 18, 2023 -
  April 18, 2023




This year many LSC owners and founders are looking ahead with uncertainty, seeing the global economic and geopolitical challenges. At the same time, needs for global, multilingual communication are higher than ever before. This creates a vast opportunity for the translation market.

Understandably, many are focusing on quality and operational excellence. However, it is only with the sound management of finances and available cash that stability can be achieved, stress reduced and a solid basis for an evaluation of the business and a realistic assessment of the opportunities developed.

Andrzej Nedoma, founder and former CEO of XTRF and earlier MD of LIDO-LANG Specialised Translations, is the expert presenter for this month’s EUATC webinar. He’s built successful businesses and will share his insights into how to manage company finances, take control of the cashflow, plan the future and see the real state of your business – whether it would allow you to sleep calmly, or react in time before the storm arrives.

What will be covered:
• Seeing reality by understanding your true Profit and Loss statement
• Performing the “decline in turnover” stress test
• Understanding cash flow
• Getting clarity on future cash balance
• Ways to improve your cash standing
• And more…

SPECIAL OFFER: Sign-up for this webinar to get knowledge, inspiration and receive a €200 discount voucher for your individual One-on-One Executive Advisory sessions with Andrzej this Spring.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Andrzej Nedoma was the co-founder and ex-CEO of XTRF Management Systems, a global translation management platform. He has been building his translation industry expertise since 1996 as a co-owner, business development manager and later MD of THE leading Central European translation company LIDO-LANG Specialised Translations, which sold in 2016 to SeproTec Multilingual Solutions from Spain.

In 2021 he sold XTRF to K1 Investment Management, the US-based Private Equity fund. Now, Andrzej supports various businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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