How to avoid cultural blind spots to be better managers and boost your language sales

June 23, 2021 -
  June 23, 2021




WEDNESDAY, 23 JUNE 16:00 – 17:00 CET

“What is culture? We often tend to think of the outward expressions of it: food, architecture, language, etc. However, culture goes much deeper than these outward expressions of it. Culture is about value systems, expectations and motivations that can be very different from our own.

“Despite our industry’s relatively high cultural sophistication, my own research has shown that our cultural expectations and value systems can cause anything from misunderstandings to serious communication problems,” says Jessica Rathke, this month’s webinar presenter.

“This presentation investigates three of Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions and how these are at play in many of our industry’s interactions, including my own.

“You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of cultural drivers and learn adjustments you can make to be more effective in managing cross-border teams; dealing with international customers, suppliers and vendors to positively impact your bottom line.”

Jessica Rathke has 29 years of localization sales experience and she is currently Principal at FluentSales LLC, an Austin/London-based sales consultancy. She helps translation industry leaders around the world increase revenue through training and consulting services. She also helps business leaders improve cross-cultural management competencies through her work as Associate Partner at Hofstede Insights.

Jessica holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Affairs and in German from Miami University in Ohio USA. She also did post-graduate German studies at the University of Salzburg. Jessica has served in various roles in Women in Localization in the US and UK.

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