Debunking automation misnomer for India’s translation industry

June 16, 2021 -
  June 16, 2021




Wednesday, 16th June 18.30 IST

CITLoB and Reverie Language Technologies present a panel discussion on “Debunking Automation Misnomers for India’s Translation Industry,” where the industry experts would talk about how automation, combined with efficient project management and the use of technology, will complement to scale up and increase translation productivity.

Reverie’s Prabandhak, an AI-powered translation management hub designed specifically for and trained on Indian languages, brings together all the Indian-language players–translators, LSPs, and enterprises–onto one single platform. The platform-level features cover various aspects of the translation journey, improving the speed, accuracy, and quality of translations, making it easier for LSPs and freelance translators to work on their projects.

Join us for a discussion with our expert panelist.


Vinay Raj – Reverie Language Technologies

M. L. Sudheen – Crystal Hues Limited

Biraj Rath – Braahmam

Sandeep Nulkar – BITS & Vernac Language Technologies


Sidharth Sahu – Reverie Language Technologies


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