Welcome to the EUATC website

Welcome to the web site of the EUATC, the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies AISBL. The EUATC is an umbrella body for national associations of translation companies throughout Europe, without being limited to the EU. 

The EUATC provides a united voice for language services companies and promotes the highest standards of quality and business practice. It also helps to improve the training of linguists across Europe. This website includes information about the association and its activities, as well as the wider language and localization industries. You are also welcome to take part in discussions or to contact us. You are also welcome to take part in discussions or to contact us.

Our mission and vision

THE MISSION of the EUATC is to provide a single platform for national LSP associations in Europe to come together, share best practice, tackle common threats and provide the sector with a strong unified voice. 

OUR VISION is to provide a safe space where national LSP associations can work together for the benefit of the entire European language industry ecosystem.

The objectives of the EUATC are to:

• Promote the highest standards of quality and business practice among national member associations

• Provide a strong, united voice for companies operating in the language industry when addressing governmental and non-governmental institutions in Europe and the rest of the world

• Give buyers of language services information and advice about the benefits of commissioning recognised Language Service Providers

• Help solve common issues affecting the language industry across Europe

• Make a contribution towards enlarging the European market for quality language services

• Assist in establishing national associations of translation and language services companies throughout Europe

• Help to improve the training of translators across Europe

• Promote co-operation with freelance translators, encouraging smooth procedures and good working relations

• Liaise with related associations world-wide 

How we operate

Membership is not restricted to EU member states. The EUATC welcomes new members from other European countries.

Member associations each appoint two representatives to attend EUATC meetings. Meetings take place at least twice a year.

As a truly international organisation the EUATC is a forum for translation companies, enabling them to speak with a united voice and providing them with the opportunity to lobby on issues affecting the translation industry.

The EUATC is recognised by the European Commission in Brussels. As a major opinion leader it participates in influencing European policy and decision-making and is consulted by key international institutions. It was the initiator of EN 15038, the European standard for translation services and many of its members worked on the project throughout its three-year development.

It is proactive in promoting the translation industry across Europe and is committed to developing Europe-wide good translation practice.

EUATC Constitution

The EUATC’s legal status is Association internationale sans but lucratif (AISBL) and as such is an international non-profit organization. Its current constitution was established on 12th September 2008 by lawyers based in Brussels in the presence of EUATC member representatives from the UK, The Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, Poland and Spain.

The EUATC constitution, including the By-Laws may be downloaded HERE.

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