Feb 15

A Strategic approach to improve your corporate brand with LinkedIn

As one of the owners and the Sales and Marketing Manager of an LSP, my main concern has always been to get more sales and the best positioning of my brand everywhere. I guess if you work on sales or own an LSP, you can relate. 
I cannot talk about other industries but sales in ours can be very hard to structure and build. There are even companies that do not “believe” in sales at all… With this panorama, we really should use all the help we can get. LinkedIn is a clear example of this help.
As any other social media platform, LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool for your business but also a huge waste of time if you do not use a proper strategy. With my keynote I want to share with you some tips to build your strategy and be able to convert LinkedIn in a tool and not just a distraction or the place you get in to find someone.
LinkedIn is where you can build your online identity to grow your online reputation and create a successful online personal/corporate brand, both for you and your company. A proper strategy can help you do it better and get results. 
I once heard “Your identity is the perfume you wear and your reputation the smell you leave in the room once you are gone”. This also goes for a company so let’s see how.
Trilce Revilla-Yates is presenting a paper, 'Online personal brand: how to make it work' at the EUATC's annual conference T-UPDATE on Management & Sales, Berlin, 20/21 Arpil. EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNTS run till the end of March