EUATC Content Submission Guidelines

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General Requirements

» Individuals or organisations submitting content must affirm that they have the authority to provide this content, and that, to the best of their knowledge, the content does not infringe any copyright or violate any property or personal rights of others.
» The EUATC is not obliged to publish any information that it feels is either inappropriate, overly self-promotional, or not in accordance with its objectives. The EUATC may also edit content which is submitted for publication.
» The EUATC will review and post submissions once they have been accepted. (Please allow 1-2 days.) Not all submissions are accepted.
» All submissions will remain on at the EUATC’s discretion, and for an unspecified length of time, unless the user submits a change or a request to have it removed.

Editorial Style
The EUATC reviews all submissions prior to publishing online and reserves the right to edit for clarity, style, and format. Please keep in mind the following when submitting content:

» Include only the essential facts.
» Spell out (initially) all acronyms.
» Avoid duplicating information that already appears on website.
» Remember that the target audience for website is translation, interpreting, localization and globalization professionals who are already familiar with industry concepts and practices.
» Avoid sales pitches for products. If product information is included, it must be in the context of a broader industry development or concept.
» Avoid unrealistic or misleading claims.


» Please provide a URL for visitors to find additional information about your news or events.
» The EUATC is not responsible for the content of any site linking to the or for sites to which links. The inclusion of any link within does not imply endorsement by the EUATC of the site.