Mar 21

Measuring what matters

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My presentation at the forthcoming EUATC annual conference in Berlin will not be about a theory. This is what we actually do! Measuring company performance matters  for many reasons but it can also be a fun activity. When our Management Review meeting date is set every quarter, all staff become involved in measuring our performance against the KPIs we set ourselves. It’s an inclusive activity that generates a lot of banter. Everyone knows that I love to measure! It involves all areas of the business, not just the finances. It’s also a great way to communicate our performance to staff in a non-threatening way. 

Mar 01

Freelancer or LSP? Boost your professional brand and learn the ropes of strategic networking on LinkedIn

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By creating a professional brand, you give yourself the optimal platform for starting to leverage LinkedIn as the professional networking platform that it is. For freelancers and LSPs LinkedIn is a Mecca for finding new business opportunities, creating strong ties with peers and for optimizing your knowledge base.
Feb 20

International SEO – A business opportunity for LSPs and freelancers

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When Google applied the first Panda Update to its algorithm, it was a major blow for content farms. In pre-Panda times, they were able to boost their customers’ rankings with enormous amounts of low-quality content. In the following, I would like to explain how a cute endangered mammal can slash entire content farms and what this has to do with the language industry.