Apr 12

From Translation to Transcreation in five steps

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Soon after I was introduced to transcreation it became more than a word to describe an activity or marketing tactic ... it became the identity I was seeking in my professional career. There was something in the concept that connected my innate personal interests and drives to business needs and opportunities. And isn't that something we're all seeking?

Apr 11

Going Virtual – Yes or No?

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One of the great advantages of digitalization is that you can now work from literally anywhere – as long as you have internet! This opens the way for an entirely new generation of workers, such as so-called “digital nomads”, and also offers employers new possibilities for accessing remote talent pools or formerly unthinkable extents of flexibility for their employees. But is it the right way to go for your company? Let me try to illustrate some of the pros and cons, and most importantly, the opportunities for LSPs in going virtual!

Mar 21

Measuring what matters

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My presentation at the forthcoming EUATC annual conference in Berlin will not be about a theory. This is what we actually do! Measuring company performance matters  for many reasons but it can also be a fun activity. When our Management Review meeting date is set every quarter, all staff become involved in measuring our performance against the KPIs we set ourselves. It’s an inclusive activity that generates a lot of banter. Everyone knows that I love to measure! It involves all areas of the business, not just the finances. It’s also a great way to communicate our performance to staff in a non-threatening way.