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Catherine Granell

France / CNET
Treasury & Relations with other Language Industry Associations

Catherine Granell graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Spanish and English from the University of Paris VI at the age of 20 and also became a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. She took on a job as a French and Spanish teacher at Burton Technical College (England), whilst completing a course in translation and interpreting. On her return to Paris, she worked as a freelance translator for 4 years.

In 1981, she set up CG Traduction & Interprétation, a translation company based in Versailles. Today, CG Traduction & Interprétation is one of France’s major translation companies and is a leading player on the interpreting market. More recently, there have been rapid developments in the area of Conference Transcription. In terms of translation and interpreting, CG works on a great many translation assignments, in technical (automotive, aeronautics), legal, medical and financial fields, to name but a few.
In 1997, Catherine Granell was elected as member of the Employment Tribunal of Versailles, and in 2001, President of the Chambre Nationale des Entreprises de Traduction.