Pre-conference reception:
7pm – 10pm, Wednesday, 20 April 2015

PROFORD, the Hungarian association of translation companies, the host national association for T-UPDATE on Management & Sales invited you to join them for a Champagne reception with musical accompaniment of a top Hungarian pianist on the main terrace of Danubius Hotel Gellért overlooking the romantic River Danube.




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Morning Master Classes


Growing your Business, Richard Brooks, CEO K International, UK

In this interactive workshop I’ll take you through some of the most successful management tools and techniques to help you to sustainably grow the profits of your business.

  • Developing corporate strategy
  • Selecting vertical markets
  • Developing your value proposition
  • Relation of sales to gross profit to the bottom line
  • Sales management
  • Marketing your company better

Your takeaways will be a pragmatic set of tools, which will help you to improve your business straight away



Developing your exit strategy, Isabella Moore, Direct, Comtec Group and Elinor Perry FCCA, Pentlands Accountants & Business Advisors, UK

It’s never too early to think about a possible exit strategy, and naturally for most of us in our sector a key consideration is, ‘What is my business worth?’ After all we have all worked hard over many years and want to ensure that we will be rewarded for our effort.
Our fast-paced seminar, will give you practical knowledge and insights into the process of selling your business and what motivates buyers to pay a higher price.

This workshop is designed to help LSP owners understand what they need to do to prepare their companies for sale or a merger with another company.  The areas to covered will include:

When is the right time to sell my business?

How reliant is my business on me?

What is my business really worth?

What steps can I take now to maximise the future value of my business?

Acquisition options: share or asset purchase: what does this mean?



(This Master Class is also open to the Project Manager stream delegates)

How Project managers can become revenue generators, Jessica Rathke, MD, L10N Sales & Marketing, UK

Everyone is in sales today, even or especially project managers!  Most project managers use selling skills in their job every working day.  We may not view it as such, but they are constantly influencing, convincing and otherwise trying to get people to take on work, work faster, implement change orders and negotiate rates.  They do this with translators, co-workers as well as customers.  They are getting people to do something in exchange for something else, be it time or money.   This is in essence selling.  Combine this with very real changes in the sales profession, where customers wield the power, selling skills are generally out of sync with the way customers buy, and a lack of meaningful differences among competitors and we see an environment in which everyone needs to do as much as possible to maximise existing customer relationships and revenue before they decide to explore other options.  Project managers are, in many, many instances, the best people to do this.  But why?  And what kind of selling should they be taking on?  This Master Class will explore exactly this.  Join me for this session to learn how your project managers can become revenue generators!

We will cover:

  • Market drivers that are radically changing sales and the impact on other departments
  • Dispelling myths about what sales is and why everyone is in sales
  • Instilling commercial awareness in your project management team 
  • Skills they use every day transfer well to certain kinds of selling:  referrals, cross and up-selling
  • Incentivizing the adoption of selling skills
  • Who does what? - Infrastructure changes and interdepartmental communication


Translation Management Integration Summit – with SDL, Kilgray & Plunet

For many translation service providers, an intelligent and automated connection between business and production system processes is no longer a thing of the future. Integration takes place today, here and now, and is part of the success stories of many innovative LSPs. Thanks to integration, efficiency and productivity are increased through the reduction of unnecessary system jumps, the synchronization of important processes and the targeted use of sophisticated automatisms between the respective software solutions. Plunet has been working with leading CAT tool providers such as SDL (SDL Studio GroupShare & SDL Trados Studio) and Kilgray (memoQ) for many years in the field of interface definition and development. All three companies will present their joint solutions in an exclusive EUATC Masterclass at the Translation Management Integration Summit. They will discuss new and innovative ways of working with participants and look at the future prospects of integrated translated management.

The Masterclass is aimed at all companies who are already using one of these integrations and/or would like a detailed overview of their scope and potential.


Plunet speaker: Doris Langenberg is Plunet’s Product Manager and Trainer for CAT tool integrations. Doris has a master degree in software localization and years of experience as a translator and project manager in the translation industry. She is responsible for the continued planning, development and implementation of Plunet’s numerous interfaces with all market-leading CAT tools.

SDL speaker: Fleur Schut is working as a Business Consultant for SDL’s Language Technologies Division, after having worked for TRADOS for many years.

She has a university background in translation (University of Groningen - Netherlands, and Institut Supérieur des Traducteurs et Interprètes in Brussels - Belgium). Her experience as a freelance translator provides a real added value when it comes to understanding the daily challenges of any language service provider.

Kilgray speaker: Miklos Urban

Please note: all profits from this workshop will be donated to the industry’s charity, Translators Without Borders

14:00 17:00


memoQ master class

The memoQ master class taking place in the afternoon of the first day of T-UPDATE on Management & Sales in Budapest (21st April) will be an interactive training session designed for translation project managers with no, or some experience with memoQ. However, it will benefit users at any level. The master class will focus on a set of topics including:

  • Maximizing leverage
  • Managing translation workflow from the quotation until the project is delivered
  • Connecting with external sources of content
  • Tips and tricks and other topics that help improve/optimize your translation/ localization workflow

Presenter: Miklos Urban

XTRF project manager user summit

The XTRF Smart is the open session for guests invited by XTRF Team to attend the meeting, but everybody is invited to join the audience and learn about the automation culture and Smart Connectors. The session will focus on following topics:

• Project management

• Automation culture in practical dimension

• Cost reduction in translation industry

• Increase in efficiency of the workflow

Presenter: Maciej Rączka, Senior Deployment Specialist

13:00 14:00

Lunch / Afternoon Registration





14:00 14:10

Opening address, Rudy Tirry, President of the EUATC, Belgium

14:10 14:20

Welcome to Budapest, Miklos Ban, President, Proford, the Association of Professional Language Service Providers



14:20 14:45

Keynote speaker, András Török, Hungary’s Former Secretary of State for Culture

Everything but blue: Budapest’s river – a blessing and a curse

14:45 15:25

Tom Spel, Vice President Operations Europe, Lionbridge, Netherlands & Martin Nyfeler, former Group Chief Financial Officer, CLS, Switzerland 
How Lionbridge’s deal to acquire and integrate CLS was done

15:25 16:00

Bob Donaldson, Principal, Carson Strategy Group, USA
Exploring approaches to a merger of equals

16:00 16:30


16:30 17:30

ROUND TABLE: ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’. Buying, selling and living to tell the tale
A 60 minute moderated inter-active session when all aspects of mergers and acquisitions can be explored further from different perspectives

Moderator: Isabella Moore, Director Comtec Group, UK
The acquirer: Tom Spel, Vice President Operations Europe, Lionbridge, The Netherlands
The acquisition target: Martin Nyfeler, former Group CFO, CLS, Switzerland

The independent expert view: Bob Donaldson, Principal, Carson Consulting, USA

17:30 18:00

Questions from floor / Closing



Join us aboard A38, the coolest floating club in Budapest, for a three-course dinner, including wine and a welcome glass of fizz. This gala dinner will also feature a traditional gypsy band, as well as dancing to the sounds of a top international DJ. Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.


T-UPDATE ON buyers’ expectations and experience


09:30 10:00

Keynote speaker: Csaba Faix, PR & Communications manager,
Prezi, Hungary

How does an open mindset help keep you innovative in a global market?

09:30 10:00

ROUND TABLE: Unlocking the secrets for success

A 60-minute moderated inter-active session when customers will lay on the line what makes them choose one LSP partner over another. Is it all about, speed, quality and price? Or are there other aspects the discerning language service buyer is seeking? In this highly competitive global marketplace worth billions of Euros, LSP operators should sit up and listen to what motivates them.

Moderator: Richard Brooks, CEO, K International, UK
Buyer, technology player: Balázs Kemecsei, Localization team leader at NNG (Global Infotainment Technologies), Hungary

Buyer multi-national professional services network: Theo Huffman, Manager, Language Services, PwC, Hungary
EU Buyer: Klara Schwebl, DGT, Belgium

Global Buyer: Christopher Pyne, SAP SE, Senior Manager, Partner Development

11:30 12:00


12:00 13:00



Globalese: Creating value with Machine Translation:
an introduction to the Globalese composite engine technology

Presenter: Gábor Bessenyei

Presenter: Miklos Urban

SDL user-group Master Class
Presenter: Fleur Schut

Wordbee: Smart communication between your clients and the
translation teams.

Presenter: Jaime Ochoa and Anita Sempels

XTRF: Think smart! Faster project delivery and closer customer integration with XTRF Smart Connectors.
Presenter: Katarzyna Kołtun

KantanMT: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective MT Systems

Tony O’Dowd, Chief Architect KantanMT

13:00 14:00


T-UPDATE ON Productivity & profitability


14:00 14:30

Bryan Hutchinson, Corporate Business Development Manager, Memsource, Czech Republic
Tapping the online translation shopper market

14:30 15:00

Jacek Stryczyński, Lionbridge, Country Head Lionbridge Poland and Slovakia
Make content close to local cultures to effectively leverage technology

15:00 16:00

ROUND TABLE: Does productivity compromise margins or can higher profits come from greater volume? Every LSP wants to crack the puzzle of making their set-ups capable of taking on more work and making even greater profits. However, some think that the impact of technology, which should be delivering solutions, has only served to speed up production, while depressing margins. Is this just a pessimistic view? This round table will look at the issues from the perspective of the LSP, technology suppliers and productivity experts and come up with practical solutions that you can apply in your LSP.

Moderator: Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect, KantanMT, Ireland
Experts on Technology
Process: Dominik Radziszowski, Chief Technical Officer, XTRF, Poland

Language technology: memoQ, Hungary

Experts on productivity & profitability: Jacek Stryczyski, Lionbridge, Poland
LSPs: Heike Leinhauser, CEO, Leinhauser Language Services, Germany

Zana Boljkovac, Business Development Manager, Ciklopea, Croatia

16:00 16:30




16:30 17:00

Language industry initiatives: what’s up doc?
Moderator: Marta Aragão, APET, Portugal

Benchmarking research, Geoffrey Bowden, ATC, UK

ISO 17100 update, Juanjo Arevalillo, ASPROSET, Spain

Public procurement, Inge Rätsep, EATC, Estonia

17:00 18:00

European Market Research: your fears and hopes revealed
Analysis of first collaborative study of the European marketplace by EUATC, GALA, ELIA and the EC

Inkaliisa Vihonen, DGT, Belgium

Rudy Tirry, President, EUATC, Belgium